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About Vines Piers, Inc.

Vines Piers, Inc. is owned by Jimmy Vines, who lives in the Crowville area and travels all around northeast Louisiana, southern Arkansas, and the surrounding area, to install and provide seawalls, boat docks, piers, pilings, boathouses, and related inland marine structures.

Vines Piers, Inc. is licensed in Louisiana in the following classifications: heavy construction; specialty; inside dams, reservoirs and flood control work other than levees.

We can provide you with estimates for any marine construction needs, especially aluminum seawalls. We are now distributors for products including aluminum seawalls, floating docks, and marinas.

Vines Piers, Inc. is available at all times, providing customers and potential customers with all the information and services guaranteed to make you a happy owner of a seawall, boathouse, floating dock, or lift.

Since an onsite inspection or site description is needed for ordering seawall materials, Jimmy will respond to calls or emails pertaining to these matters.

beautiful boat house built by Vines Piers, Inc.

Designed by Ms. Carolyn Barnes, built by Vines Piers, Inc.

Vines Piers, Inc.
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